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Tropical Financial Credit Union has partnered with NXG Strategies to bring you the next generation in checking account benefits to protect you and your lifestyle, all as part of Perks Debit.

This concierge-like program can help you plan for and recover from the effects of identity theft as well as provide you with access to multiple proactive monitoring solutions. PLUS, you’ll have access to online discounts on shopping, dining, and travel AND Mobile Phone Insurance!

It's All About You!

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New to nxg|PROTECT?

Registration requires a Member ID provided by Tropical Financial Credit Union.

To register, please have the unique Member ID provided in your welcome email or letter ready.

Please note: the unique Member ID required is not your Tropical Financial Credit Union Member Number.

For assistance with obtaining your unique Member ID or for questions concerning your eligibility, please call Tropical at (888) 261-8328.

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If you have already registered, Login to return to nxg|PROTECT

Be sure to complete the information within the Credit Monitoring feature so you can review your credit report and score, and the details of any alerts received.

Need Help?

For questions about your eligibility call: (888) 261-8328

To register you must meet the eligibility requirements and program terms and conditions.


Recovery Services

  • Fully Managed Identity Theft Recovery

- Credit Freeze Assistance

Obtain a copy of the specific Evidence of Coverage with your financial institution.

Entitlement to Monitoring Services**

  • One Bureau Credit Monitoring

  • Monthly Credit Score

  • Annual Credit Report

  • Dark Web Monitoring

- Dark Web Breach Notifications

Solicitation Reduction


With more than 30 different types of identity fraud reported to the Federal Trade Commission, you may be affected in ways you have not considered. With nxg|PROTECT, you are covered for both financial and non-financial identity theft. As a member of nxg|PROTECT you are covered with Fully Managed Identity Recovery (3G Family Coverage). Learn more about this important benefit by accessing the "Identity Theft Benefits Overview" above.

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